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Blood groups and diabetes mellitus: a possible tool in the analysis of the hereditary background of diabetes mellitus

Tohoku J Exp Med. 1983 Dec;141 Suppl:295-9. Kanazawa Y, Furusho T, Nakajima H, Amemiya S, Akanuma Y, Kosaka K.

  • Blood groups ABO, MN, P1, Lewis and KIDD, were examined in 64 adult and 53 child diabetics. Patients were classified into 4 groups, NIDDM (n = 30), Insulin less than 20 U (n = 13) and Insulin greater than or equal to 20 U (n = 21) in adults and IDDM in children (n = 53). ABO blood group was found to have some association with Insulin greater than or equal to 20 U and IDDM. P1(+) was significantly rarer in the Insulin greater than or equal to 20 U group in adults, while this difference was not observed in IDDM in children. MN, Lewis and KIDD blood groups did not show any association with diabetes mellitus in our study. Further studies are needed to clarify the association of blood groups with diabetes mellitus.