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Blood pressure and blood group markers. Association with the MN locus

J Hypertens. 1984 Aug;2(4):337-41.

Gleiberman L, Gershowitz H, Harburg E, Schork MA.

  • The relationship of blood pressure levels to 12 blood, salivary and serum protein polymorphisms is reported for a sample of 4000+ adult Caucasians from Tecumseh, Michigan. Males with the MN phenotype had significantly higher unadjusted systolic and diastolic blood pressures than those who were homozygous MM or NN. When blood pressure was adjusted for age and weight, males who were Duffy (a-) had higher diastolic pressures than those who were Duffy (a+), and females who were Kidd (b-) had higher diastolic pressures than females who were Kidd (b+). A review of studies reporting on MN- blood pressure associations indicates that six of the eight presented significant findings. These findings, and others from the literature, present evidence that the MN locus (and possibly the Jk locus) actively participates in controlling the response to environmental/dietary stimuli affecting differences in blood pressure. We suggest that the MN blood group be investigated further, particularly vis-a-vis physiological parameters known to be related to blood pressure.