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The term Generative Medicine was first introduced into scientific medicine by Peter D'Adamo in 2010

The root of all generative science is the quality of emergence and the process of self-organization. If we can summarize holism as the "whole is greater than the sum," then emergence might be paraphrased as "levels of significance arise with new hierarchies." Emergence is central to the theories of integrative levels and of complex systems. These properties allow for a holistic interpretation of events, versus the more common linear interpretation seen in reductionism, the heretofore dominant medical worldview.

For example, a single molecule of water does not possess a "temperature" in any exact sense of the word. Yet a glass of water can most certainly be hot or cold. Temperature thus is an emergent property of water. The nature of emergent properties is to self-organize. Self-organization is a characteristic of all living things, from cell membranes, to organ development, to brain neuroplasticity. Generative forms are multi-centered: there is no single chain of command that runs from the top of the pyramid to the rank and file below. There are many web-like networks that become more or less active, and often their complex behavior stems from interactions between very simple components.

Generative medicine employs the tools of systems biology, including network theory, complexity theory and bioinformatics (a type of information technology) to better understand the complex behaviors seen in both health and disease. These behaviors go beyond simple cause-and-effect relationships and provide for a better understanding of the relationships between the individual parts, whether they are genes, cell organelles, organ systems or even an individual's place in society. Naturopathic systems analysis can provide better approaches to safer and more individualized treatments of sickness and the enhancement of well-being.


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