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In human genetics, Haplogroup R2 (M124) is a Y-chromosome haplogroup. Unlike the other subgroups of haplogroup R, it is confined to South Asia and nearby regions.


Haplogroup R2 is a subgroup of haplogroup R, which is associated with the initial expansion into Eurasia after the last glacial maximum. The man who first carried the M124 marker of haplogroup R2 lived some time after this, somewhere in Eurasia.


The highest frequency is found in South Asia. It is also reported in lower frequencies in Caucasian and Central Asian populations.

R2 and world populations

Haplogroup R2 along with haplogroups H, L, R1a1, J2 forms the majority of South Asian male population. The frequency could be around 10-15% in India and Sri Lanka and 7-8% in Pakistan. However, not all the linguistic groups in these countries and from Bangladesh have been sampled therefore the numbers might change.

Haplogroup R2 forms 50% of Sinti Y-chromosomes. This Gypsy tribe has its roots in India.

This Haplogroup is also observed in greater frequency among Chechens.

One of Kurdish tribes in Georgia, Kurman, is found to have this haplogroup in greater frequency.

The Parsees in Pakistan have this lineage at around 20%.

This Haplogroup is rare to nonexistent among European, African, East-Asian, Native American and Native Australian populations.

Relationship to other haplogroups

R2 is a subgroup of Haplogroup R (M207).

Prediction with haplotypes

The chances of any person part of this Haplogroup is the highest if DYS391=10, DYS392=10 and DYS426=12.