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Serum gastrin concentrations in healthy people of the various ABO blood groups.

Melissinos K, Alegakis G, Archimandritis AJ, Theodoropoulos G Acta Hepatogastroenterol (Stuttg) 1978 Dec;25(6):482-486

The concentrations of gastrin were measured by the RIA method in the sera of 121 healthy Greek volunteers of both sexes and of different ABO blood groups, aged 20--70 years. The determinations took place in a fasting state in all the individuals and 10 min and 40 min after a test meal in 42 of them. No significant differences were found in the mean concentrations of gastrin in the fasting state and after the meal between the various ABO groups. There was an increase in the mean concentrations of gastrin in all the groups after the meal. Nevertheless, this was significant 40 min after the meal in the groups A and B whilst in the group O and in the groups A, B and AB considered together this significant increase had appeared already 10 min after the meal.