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A somatogram (so·mato·gram) is a radiograph of the body.



Diagnosis of overnutrition and overweight. A new somatogram

Monatsschr Kinderheilkd. 1980 Oct;128(10):662-7.

Reinken L, Stolley H, Droese W.

  • From 1968-1978 weight, height and thickness of triceps-, subscapular-, and suprailiacal skinfolds were longitudinally investigated in 1593 healthy children. Thickness of the three skinfolds measured was indicated as sum. Weight and sum of skinfold thickness were related to height and represented in form of a somatogram. Development of body weight and skinfold thickness does not follow a gaussian distribution. Therefore it was necessary to express the 2-sigma deviation asymmetrically. The somatogram represents the physical development of healthy infants and children in West Germany. The combination of a height/weight/skinfold thickness somatogram permits to differentiate between overweight and overnutrition.