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George Springer MD was the discoverer of T and Tn antigens.Lifelong BT researcher, especially regarding blood type substances in natural products.

Theory of Neo-Springerism

Better differentiated cancers (least aggressive) are said to produce a greater amount of antigen T, while the least differentiated cancers (most aggressive) produce the greatest amount of antigen Tn.

Springer's Vaccine

Springer's vaccine consisted of three parts:

  • Chemically degraded O-group blood cells (providing T and Tn antigens)
  • Salmonella typhii vaccine or typhoid vaccine (which contains T and Tn antigens)
  • Calcium phosphate (he believed the T and Tn antigens could stick to this).

Five Year Results

Five year survival
stage II7 patients100 percent alive with no evidence of disease (N.E.D.)
stage III6 patients100 percent alive, 3 with N.E.D., 3 with cancer but fully functional
stage IV6 patients100 percent alive; 4 with N.E.D., 2 with cancer but fully functional

Ten Year Results

Ten year survival
stage II5 patients100 percent alive
stage III5 patients60 percent alive
stage IV4 patients75 percent alive